Instituto de Medicina Tropical
“Alexander von Humboldt”


We offer Clinical Clerkships throughout the year. The clerkship may begin at any time during the year, since students will join our own medical students, interns and residents in their daily activities. We must be contacted 3-4 months in advance in order to assign the student a slot. We would not recommend the Clerkship between December 15 to January 2nd since most of our teaching activities are suspended during the holidays.
We conduct a 6 week Course for  the Cayetano Heredia University medical students from April through May. The last 2 weeks of this Course includes a trip to Iquitos and surroundings (in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest). We encourage foreign medical students wishing to come to Peru for this Course, to stay for its entirety.
I recommend you to work with us for 2 months (April and May) so that you may participate in the course in Iquitosduring the period mentioned above.

During the other months we offer the following activities.

(1) Outpatient Clinic
(2) Inpatient Service of the Transmissible Disease Department
(3) Consultations at the Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia (Pediatrics, Surgery, Gyneco-Obstetrics, etc.)
(4) Laboratory Practices (Parasitology, Mycology, Microbiology).

Your activities will be from Monday to Friday (8:00am-5:00pm) and on Saturdays (8:00am-12:00m). The tuition is US$ 300.00 per month. You may pay for the tuition here in our Institute. It would be better if you speak Spanish, however, 60-70% of our attending professors and residents speak English. Students may also participate in research activities, dealing with Epidemiological, Public Health and Therapeutic aspects of the following Infectious Diseases, commonly seen at our institution.

Tropical Diseases
· Malaria
· Bartonellosis
· Leishmania
· Strongyloidiasis
· Leprosy
· Fasciolasis
· Giardiasis, etc.
· Fungal Diseases
· Paracoccidioidosis
· Sporotrichosis
· Parasitic Diseases
· Taenia
· Neurocysticercosis
· Hidatidosis
· Enteric Diseases:
· Tuberculosis
· STDs
· Emerging Diseases
· Helicobacter pylori.

We do not provide financing for these research projects, except those which are our own institutional ongoing projects. Students wishing to do their own research studies may need to seek financing on their own or be supported by their Medical Schools. We will provide all the documentation to obtain this. These studies must be approved by a Peruvian mentor as well as by the Tropical Medicine Institute’s authorities
Once a student has decided to do a research project, he/she must contact with a Peruvian mentor to discuss what kind of research he/she is interested in conducting as well as the budget. After this, he/she must send us the proposal for the necessary approvals and finally the mentor will advise him/her when the proposal has been approved to begin the study.
Students may also participate in an ongoing project. In this case, he/she must contact with the project’s responsibleperson informing him about his/her decision.
All students will have a mentor who will supervise the activities and then he will provide him/her his/her evaluation.

To apply for a clerkship at our Institute:
· You must send either by e-mail or by fax your name, University where you are currently studying and the exact datesyou would like to for a rotation with us.
· Your tutor or mentor must send us a letter of recommendation.
· You will fill out a form at our Institute the first date of your arrival. At that time you must pay for the tuition (US$300.00).
· Two months before your arrival, you must send us a letter of reconfirmation.
· Finally, you must bring with you:
· White coat
· Two photos
· Your evaluation form provided by your Institution (only if needed).
Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Eduardo Gotuzzo, MD, FACP
Director IMT “Alexander von Humboldt
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia


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