Peruvian American Endowment

2007Annual General Assembly

 San Diego, California

September 29, 2007

 Members Present:

Adriana Antigoni (77); Luis Bedoya (77), Julio Lara-Valle (68); Cesar Pena(78); Victor Koo(72); Yontov Salazar(78); Mario Eyzaguirre (77); Luis Sanchez(78); Luis Sirotzky(71); Andres Suarez(71); Antonio Belda(73); Jorge Calderon (71) ; Jorge Arce(72); Victor Wong(67); Rafael Grau(73); Javier Bustamante (79) Carlos Alarcon(72); Julio Cardenas(74); David Porudominski(75), Lourdes Valdez (91).


Dr Oswaldo Zegarra (UPCH, Rector); Dr Ralph Kuon (63, San Marcos, past-president PAMS); Dr Carlos Sanchez; Dr Eduardo Gotuzzo(72,UPCH Faculty and researcher).

1) Call to order

The Meeting was called to order by the President, Dr Luis Sirotzky at 235pm.

2) Approval of minutes

The minutes of the 2006 Annual Meeting which took place in Fort Lauderdale Florida on October 21st, 2006 were approved unanimously as presented.

3) Presentation by Dr Oswaldo Zegarra: 46 years of the UPCH

Dr.  Zegarra has been the UPCH Rector for the last eight and a half years. He did a power point presentation on the current status of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH)

Currently there are 28 Schools of Medicine in Peru; 8 of them located in Lima. Some of the new Schools are “for profit” and marketing strategies of this new schools base their prestige as having Graduates of the UPCH as professors.

UPCH Mission statement is unchanged for the last 46 years.

The UPCH has developed a “Strategic Plan” for 2005-2009 to promote “Globalization of the University”. Currently it is composed of 8 different Faculties including the School of Medicine (since 1961), School of Science and Philosophy (1961); School of Dentistry (1969); Education; Psychology; Nursing; Veterinary and Zoology (2000) and Public Health and Administration. It also owns a “Pre admission center “; 48 Master Programs; 91 specialties; 4 PhD programs.

The annual number of postulants is 2529 candidates and has 680 graduates per year. There are 9434 alumni from 1961 to 2006.

Budget for the UPCH comes from research (30%, there is 450 research projects/year); student payments (46%); services 15%; financiers 8.5 %.

Administrative staff is professional and is audited externally by Price Waterhouse.

The UPCH continues to be a “non for profit” organization that by 2007 is now 100% self sustained (compared to 30% self sustained in 1999)

The last University Ranking study in Peru, places UPCH as #3 in the Nation. (Access to school and academic publications were the lower scores, research publications the highest).

UPCH has 189 national; 191 international convenes with other institutions.

A slide show of all the new buildings, new locations (La Molina, Santa Maria, Chaclacayo, Barrios Altos, Miraflores, San Isidro, Tumbes, etc) and new technologies were presented.

Dr Zegarra acknowledged the Endowment’s support for the equipment of the biology, chemistry and biochemistry labs in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

The International Institute of Quality recently internationally accredited the UPCH as the first Institute of quality in Peru.

4) Reports:

 4.1) President’s report. Dr. Luis Sirotzky

PAE has been active for the last 18 years.

4.1.1 Accomplishments of this current administration (2007):

a) Purchase and delivery of a pediatric fibrobroncoscope for the Pediatric Unit at Hospital Cayetano Heredia.

b) Two scholarships for a total of $3500 US dollars from the “Porturas Fund”.

c) Seven new Computers for the AEFMCH (medical students association).

d) Inauguration of new laboratory of biochemistry and chemistry

e) The Faculty of Medicine recognized the PAE for its donations and collaboration and a Bronze Plaque is displayed at the Building of Medicine.

4.1.2 Future challenges:

 a) Recruit a newer generation of UPCH alumni that will become members of PAE and contribute with donations and payment of membership.

4.2) Treasurer’s report: Dr. Andres Suarez

PAE Total assets (net) to September 2007: $ 544, 545.20

They are distributed as follows: Cash 9.42 %; fixed 62.78%; US equities 27.74%; bonds   0.06%

2007 PAE Income: Total: $20,863.

From membership $3400; From Fondo Porturas Donations $6388; From Computer Donations $5800; plus other donations that completed $20, 863

PAE expenses were distributed as follows: Pediatric endoscope $4,035; Two students scholarship $3,130; Chemistry laboratory $29,400; Computers $4,500

Julio Lara Valle motion to approve Treasurer’s report; second by Dr Antigoni; approved unanimously.

Dr Sirotzky explained a liability for $ 7000 from 2006 annual conference. It was paid by a Private Laboratory by mistake, and Dr Sirotzky has been unable to solve the problem. Most likely the money will be added to the PAE fund.

4.3)  Fund raising report. Dr. Antonio Belda.

Dr Belda proposed a “virtual office” and he can donate the salary of a part time secretary for contacting members, thank you notes; etc. He proposed sending invoices regularly and also using credit card system for charges. He also proposed automatic withdrawal from member’s credit cards, and hiring a professional marketer/fundraiser.

Dr  Cardenas was against a professional marketer, because of the cost implied; but he volunteered to be  a member of the fundraising committee.

Dr Salazar suggested publishing list of members periodically with information on who have paid or not the annual membership; and also specifying which alumni are members or not. Dr Belda volunteered to obtain list of alumni.

Dr Gotuzzo commented that the alumni for the last 15 years are not as enthusiastic as the ones older than 15 years; since they have not participated on the “building’ of the UPCH and that attitude and lack of interest should be changed.

Each class should have a leader and also a member of the PAE should go to Peru and present to the UPCH students the PAE’s organization and mission statement.

4.4 Bylaws changes. Presented by Dr Andres Suarez

 Proposed a motion to the following amendments:

a) “Executive committee term for one year” to be changed for “term for 2 years”

b) Start new executive committee members’ activities on January 1st after election.

Motion approved unanimously

4.4) Dr. Porturas fund report. Dr. Luis Sirotzky.

Thanks to Dr. Ricardo Lewitus this fund has shown a significant growth over the past year. Friends of the Lewitus have made donations in excess of $2,000. Also through Mrs. Lewitus work, the Bank of America will match their 2007 contributions ($4,700) this year.


5) Old business. None.

6) New Business.

   6.1) Nomination of election chairman for new upcoming 2008 elections.

Cesar Pena was proposed. He will think about it.

6.2) 2008 annual meeting. Date and place.

Dr. Cardenas: Proposed Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Luis Sanchez and Dr. Valdez proposed San Antonio, Texas

This location was approved by majority. Jorge Arce and Lourdes Valdez will contact future chairman for this event.

6.3) Dr Porudominski proposed a motion to have the endowment grow to a total of one million dollars in the next 5 years. Motion seconded by Dr. Belda, approved unanimously.

6.4) Dr Cardenas presented a motion to increase membership cost to 200 dollars. Of the members present six voted in favor, nine against. It was then decided to maintain the current cost of membership at U$100.

6.5) Dr Valdez volunteered to create a new commission for recruiting new members and educate current UPCH students and alumni about the PAE.


7) Adjourn at 16:45 pm


Lourdes Valdez MD

Secretary PAE

Adjuntamos las minutas de la última teleconferencia del PAE, realizada Enero 7, 2007.



Aprovechamos la oportunidad para notificarles que las cartas de donación correspondientes al 2006, estan en proceso y deberan recibirlas el mes próximo.


Luis Sirotzky, Presidente PAE
Lourdes Valdez, secretaria


1) Roll call

Meeting was called to order at 20:07 hrs ET, January 7, 2007.

Members present: Luis Sirotzky, Benjamin Robalino, Jorge Arce, Luis Sanchez, Cesar Pena, Jorge Calderon, Mario Eyzaguirre, Adriana Antigoni, Armando Bedoya, Jorge Guerra, Fernando Diaz, and Lourdes Valdez

Guest: Ramon Rosales, economist; invited by Fernando Diaz.

2) Minute of silence for the “passing of Dr. Ramiro Castro de la Mata”.

3) Minutes last Teleconference. Lourdes Valdez.

Last teleconference was on September 10, 2006. Minutes were received and reviewed by all members present today Cesar Pena moved to approve minutes, and they were approved unanimously.

4) Treasurer report. Andres Suarez

Dr. Sirotzky presented the report since Dr. Suarez is not present today.

Total PAE assets: $ 547,344 US dollars

Cash (3%) $ 15,479

CD’s (71%) $ 392,345

SP500 (26%) $ 141,620

The finance committee from the previous administration was terminated on 10/21/06. The philosophy of this committee was conservative: 70% on CD’s, 25-30% on stock market and 5% cash. Now the new Treasurer Dr. Suarez has to form a new 4 member committee.

Jorge Arce proposed to have same members of the old committee to continue. Dr Sirotzky asked the former members. Lourdes Valdez and Luis Sirotzky declined to continue.

Dr Sirotzky asked for volunteers.

The new Finance committee by volunteer election includes: Andres Suarez (treasurer), Luis Sanchez, Jorge Guerra and another member to be appointed by the treasurer.

Fernando Diaz asked if the economist Mr. Ramon Rosales can be a voluntary member of this committee, he will have no vote, but his expert opinion is valuable to consider. Dr\Sirotzky will discuss this issue with the treasurer.

5) President report. Luis Sirotzky

Dr Sirotzky has been on this appointment for the last 2 months. He acknowledges the collaboration and enthusiasm of several members. He hopes for positive results during this next two years , so the PAE can contribute to the growth and improvement of the UPCH (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia), Hospital and Peru.

There are several ideas, areas to cooperate, specially related to donation of equipment.

6) Old business

a) PAE Chapters. Luis Sirotzky

Dr Sirotzky would like to improve communication between PAE and its members; recruit new members, and improve donations.

After several discussions he believes the best way is to recruit new members is to assign a member on each class (promocion) to be the main contact to promote PAE ideals, collaboration and enrollment. Dr Sirotzky will look for each of these individuals in each class. Specially classes from 1980 to 2006. He also is willing to travel and personally visit groups of people.

Cesar Pena emphasized the need to contact Peruvian professionals in the US so the PAE can be perpetuated. He mentioned Dr Belda would be able to help us with this issue.

Jorge Guerra asked to clarify if any graduate from the UPCH can be member of PAE, including different schools (dentistry, science) or post graduate education.

Dr Sirotzky clarified that indeed, any type of graduate is welcome. Mario Eyzaguirre will notify the secretary of 6 dentists that are now interested of becoming members.

Benjamin Robalino mentioned that the “regional representative” should be considered as well. For example he knows of 40 alumni from the classes of 1985-1995 in Texas. He will invite this people become members, and would like from the Secretary to obtain the names of the current members living in Texas.

Fernando Diaz proposed to have a printed publication of PAE philosophy and activities.

Benjamin Robalino suggested to better having a web page. Dr Sirotzky acknowledges the existence a web site started by Roberto Miki, but it has not been updated. He will ask to have it updated or put in charge of a different person/group.

Mario Eyzaguirre volunteers to do a power point presentation of PAE philosophy and achievements to be sent via e-mail to old and new members.

b) Academics Laboratories UPCH. Luis Sirotzky

Dr Sirotzky informed us that four years ago, PAE and the UPCH Rector Dr Oswaldo Zegarra decided to improve four academic laboratories for student training. So far two of them are appropriately equipped (Biology U$ 33,000; Biochemistry U$ 29,000). This year 2007 is time for the Chemistry lab (budget of 30,000), and the microbiology lab will be done in 2008.

c) Fondo Porturas: interest earned 2006.

Created in 1975 by Palo Levitus to assist students economically. Over the last 2 years has helped two students for a value of U$ 4000. Dr Sirotzky presented that after lengthy discussion with treasurer it was decided to add 3% interest to this “Fondo” (that is a simple average of the interest earned by CD’s and cash). This money has to be considered “cash’ available at anytime for an economical emergency for a student(s) in need. Another option is to change the bylaws and specify that there will be non interest earnings for money donated for a specific cause.

Luis Sanchez proposed this is a good deed, and should be supported and continue to grow and earn interest. He also would like Dr Sirotzky to investigate about the fact that already some students at the UPCH are being expelled for not paying their tuition fees.

7) New Business

a) Other areas of aid. Department of Pediatrics Hospital Cayetano Heredia.

Dr Herminio Hernandez is the actual director of the Department of Pediatrics in the Hospital. Dr Nelly Baiocchi is the director of the Education Department of the UPCH in the Hospital. They both have contacted PAE and expressed the urgent need of a pediatric fibro bronchoscope. Dr Sirotzky has found some refurbished equipment that accommodates this need on the cost of 3000-5000 U$. Dr Eyzaguirre, who is a neonatologist and pulmonologist, believes the price is acceptable and moves to approve this motion. It was approved unanimously.

b) Plan to receive donations.

Dr Sirotzky has had several discussions with experienced people involved in donations to Peru; including Dr. Miguel Pro, Dr. Abraham Vaisberg, and Mr. Antonio Uipan from DFEI logistics.

At this time the most effective way would be to send material donations to DFEI logistics in Miami, FL who are willing to accumulate them for free until certain volume/ amount reached. Then Dr Sirotzky will be in charge to do the paperwork with the Peruvian consulate so that the donated material would not have problems reaching its destination.

The cost of the transportation of donation to Miami would be responsibility of the donor.

8) Announcements

• Annual meeting.

Jorge Arce has discussed the possibility of organizing the meeting in San Diego with other members; with Adriana Antigoni being the coordinator of the event.

Cesar Pena moved to approve the motion of the PAE annual meeting to be held in San Diego, California. Approved unanimously.

Originally annual meeting for 2007 was going to be held in San Antonio, Texas; but it is now not possible.

Proposed date: First weekend of October 2007. 

9) Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 21:07 ET / 18:07 PT 


5th PAE Reunion in South Florida

October 16, 2004

PAE 5th Annual Scientific/Social Gathering
Fort Lauderdale- Sunrise
October 15-16 2004
Registration fees         11,370.00
Donations plus dues          17,880.00
TOTAL        29,250.00
Hilton Hotel
Welcome cocktail    1,845.04
Breakfast/Lunch    1,746.96
Dinner    3,844.98
Misc. 19.16          7,456.14
Dr. and Mrs Leon Barua airline tickets          1,000.00
Dr. and Mrs Leon Barua room             197.58
Dr. and Mrs. O. Zegarra room             197.58
Band          1,250.00
Plaque               83.00
Stationary and stamps             319.43
CME             420.00
Total        10,923.73
NET FOR PAE        18,326.27
Note: We have received dues from 79 alumni for the calendar year of 2004
We have received $28,130 in donations for 2004
Total of dues plus donations = $36,030
As of today the PAE has $455,000 in assets
We are $45,000 short of the $500,000

Minutes Peruvian American Endowment
PreparedSeptember 27, 2003

Peruvian American Endowment Annual Meeting.

Date: September 20, 2003

Place: Hyatt Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale

At 02:40 p.m. Dr. Julio Lara-Valle called the meeting to order.

1.- Roll Call: members present: Carlos Alarcon; Elda Arce; Jorge Arce; Jose F. Arrascue; Ricardo Barboza; Antonio Belda; Jorge Calderon; Gertrude Lamas Caplivski; Abraham Caplivski ; Nora Estrada del Busto; Ramon del Busto; Fernando Diaz; Jose Donayre;  Francis Dumler; Miguel Echevarria; Rodolfo Fernandez; Victor Koo; Julio Lara-Valle; Roberto Miki; Dina Chung Miki; Carlos Muhletaler; Jose C. Muñiz; Angel Ojeda; Miguel Pro; Edmundo Stahl; Floriana Rozazza Stahl; Luis Sirotzky; Augusto Villa and Carlos Vidal.

2.- Reading of last regular meeting minute (March 16, 2003). The presidency requested to skip reading of minute from the last regular meeting.

3.- Treasurer report: Dr. Luis Sirotzky.

As of  August 30th, 2003 P.A.E. has a total of $401,636.00 of which $20,000.00 is our 2002 contribution to UPCH for purchase of academic laboratory equipment. (awaiting instructions from Dr. Abraham Vaisberg, Dean Science Faculty.)

Cash, $ 37,625.00 ; Government securities, $2,443.00 ; Mutual Fund (1) $88,760.00; Certificates of Deposit (3) $272,808.00

Donations received in 2003 from January 1st till August 30th 2003 are $5,940.00

4.- President Report by Julio Lara-Valle. Our President welcomed every body to the meeting and was very pleased with the number of attendees. A quick overview of our accomplishments of the past year was mention. A special “Thank You” was acknowledge to Luis Sirotzky for the work done in the preparation of the 2003 “Scientific Meeting and Social event”. The attendees showed the satisfaction by a round of applause.

5.- Unfinished Business:

      a) Donation to UPCH: $20,000.00 has been pledge to purchase academic laboratory equipment for our university. This represents 13% of the total request of $154,000.00 asked by our rector Dr. Oswaldo Zegarra in March 2002.

      b) Relationship between PAE and PAMS. Dr. Julio Lara Valle explain that we have a 2 year agreement with the Peruvian American Medical Society as a University Chapter. We remain independent from them. Our funds will never be requested by PAMS. Our members do not have to be member of PAMS although a majority are. Several members spoke in favor and against this relationship. Dr. Ramon del Busto summarized the discussions trying to stop the differences between San Fernando and Cayetano Heredia. “We should work together for the common cause of helping our country”. Finally Dr. Lara-Valle requested a 2 more years of this relationship with the PAMS. Members voted to approved the motion 15 in favor 5 against 4 abstain.

6.- New Business.

      a) Dr. Jose Donayre presented a preliminary report about bringing into our organization ex-professors of our Alma Matter. The concept was in prelimary stages. He was asked to further investigate this idea and have a full report at the next board meeting before the end of 2003.

      b) The presidency presented a motion to hold the next PAE scientific/social event in 2004. This was seconded by Dr. Belda. Motion was unanimously approved.

      c) Place for the 2004 gathering. Several members voice their preferences. Dr. Muhletaler presented a motion to hold the next scientific/social event in Florida. Motion was approved.

      d) The presidency suggested the date for the 2004 gathering to be in October. A motion to hold this event on the 3rd week-end in October was again presented by Dr. Muhletaler and second by Dr. Calderon. Motion was approved.

       e) Committee for the 2004 PAE Scientific/Social meeting: The following members were nominated: Class 1966 Dr. Carlos Muhletaler; Class 1967 Dr. Abraham Caplivski; Class 1968 Dr. Rodolfo Chirinos and Dr. Julio Lara-Valle; 1969 Dr. Gertrude Lamas Caplivski; Class 1970 Dr. Francis Dumler and Dr. Ramon del Busto; Class 1971 Dr. Jorge Calderon; Dr. Angel Ojeda and Dr. Miguel Pro; Class 1972 Dr. Elda Arce;  Dr. Jorge Arce; Dr. Miguel Echevarria; Class 1973 Dr. Antonio Belda and Dr. Floriana Rozazza Stahl; Class 1974 Dr. Roberto Miki; Class 1975 Dr. Ricardo Barboza; Class 1983 Dr. Carlos Vidal; and Class 1988 Dr. Rodolfo Fernandez.

      f) The presidency advised that from the members selected for the above Committee it shall be a “Head of a group for each 5 year class”. The following members were selected:

 Dr. Ramon del Busto will head Classes 1966 tru 1970; Dr. Floriana Rozazza Stahl will head Classes 1971 tru 1974; Dr. Ricardo Barboza will head Classes 1975 tru 1979; Dr. Carlos Vidal will head Classes 1980 tru 1984. and Dr. Rodolfo Fernandez will head Classes 1988 tru 2002.

 7.- Announcements.

No new announcements were presented.

8.- Adjourn. Meeting ended at 3:45 p.m.


Submitted by Luis Sirotzky, M.D. Secretary/Treasurer.













Octubre 10, 2003


Te adjuntamos el estado financiero de nuestra 4a Reunión Científica/Social realizada en Ft. Lauderdale este último 20 de setiembre.

Los fondos obtenidos en esa reunión se sumarán a los $20,000.00 que ya prometimos a nuestra Universidad para ayudar en la compra de equipos para los laboratorios académicos. (El Rector Dr. Oswaldo Zegarra designó al Decano de Ciencias Dr. Abraham Vaisberg, la ejecución de esta compra que esta en proceso).

Nuestra reunión fue un éxito. Contamos con la participación de 43 Heredianos. Además tuvimos el honor de la presencia de los Drs. Luis Sobrevilla; Carlos Marchena; José Donayre y nuestro invitado especial el Dr. Alberto Cazorla. A la comida de gala se presentaron un total de 77 personas que gozaron de un ambiente de camaradería muy agradable incluyendo una presentacion de fotos tomadas por nuestro querido profesor Enrique Fernández (QEPD), allá por los 60 en la antigua sede de nuestra alma mater de la calle Belén.

La rifa de una villa por una semana en Cancún que fue donada por Julio & Genia Lara-Valle, la ganaron José Carlos & Gaby Muñiz.

Para los que estuvieron en esta “Reunión 2003” nuestro sincero agradecimiento. Vuestra presencia será siempre muy bien recordada.

Antes que finalice este año 2003, invocamos a Ustedes, nuestros hermanos Heredianos, vuestro “Tax-Deductible donation” . No hay cantidad pequeña que no ayude, ni grande que sea demás.

Ten presente el acuerdo aprobado en nuestra Asamblea General de Ft. Lauderdale, que nuestra Próxima reunión será en el Tercer fin de semana de Octubre 2004.

Julio Lara-Valle                     Luis Sirotzky

President                                             Secretary/Treasurer


SUMMARY OF 2003 Symposium in Fort Lauderdale
Registration fees  10,300.00
Raffle: prize donated by Mail out sold 19 booklets@25     475.00
Dr.and Mrs. Julio Lara-Valle On site sold 46 booklets@25  1,150.00    1,625.00
Airlines tickets for Dr. Cazorla(donated by Dr. Lara-Valle)       899.00
Educational Grants
Amgen     500.00
Novartis  1,500.00
Lilly  2,500.00
Pfizer  1,500.00
Canadian Prescription Drugs     500.00
Luis Strohmeier pending  1,000.00    7,500.00
Total REVENUES received  20,324.00
Raffle tickets,postage, stationary       418.27
Hyatt Hotel
Conference plus breakfast     697.06
Lunch  1,301.26
Dinner  8,185.32
Total Hyatt  10,183.64
D.J.       550.00
Dr and Mrs Cazorla airlines Tick     899.00
Dr and Mrs Cazorla hotel rooms     331.00    1,230.00
CME paid to Univ of IL       425.00
Net for P.A.E.    7,517.09
To UPCH for purchase of equipment for academic lab.
2002 pledge  20,000.00
From 2003 symposium    7,517.09
Special donations from the sale of Dr. Julio Lara-Valle book    1,140.00
2003 Donation by Dr. Julio Lara-Valle    1,000.00
2003Donation by Luis Sirotzky       500.00
Total to U.P.C.H.  30,157.09
Other Donations Received for the General P.A.E. Fund       500.00
Dr. Jose de Olazabal    1,000.00
Dr. Angel Ojeda    1,000.00
Dr. Ricardo Barboza    2,050.00
Dr. Miguel Pro    4,550.00

Minutes Peruvian American Endowment
Date: March 16, 2003
“These Minutes recently printed  are not yet approved by the Directors”

Julio Lara-Valle, President called the meeting to order at 08:04 pm eastern time.

Members present: Julio Lara-Valle; Luis Sirotzky; Jorge Calderon; Luis Espinoza; Mario Eyzaguirre; Edgar Del Castillo and Rodolfo Chirinos. Guests present: Dr. Adriana Bedoya and Dr. Luis Bedoya (alumni of UPCH) invited by Dr. Eyzaguirre.

2.- Reading of last meeting minutes from October 20, 2002. Minutes reading was waived by Dr. Jorge Calderon and seconded by Dr. Rodolfo Chirinos. Minutes were accepted as written unanimously.

3.- Treasurer report: Dr. Luis Sirotzky.
As of December 31st, 2002 P.A.E. had a total of $378,062.86
Cash, $34,039.97 ; Government securities, $23,632.00 ; Mutual Fund (2) $83,277.86 ; Certificates of Deposit (3) $237,113.03

Net increment from 2001 $12,292.59

Donations received in calendar year 2002: Total $ 33,200.00
From that $25,950.00 was donated to our main account; $1,600.00 donated to a special fund called Dr. Porturas Fund ; and $5,650.00 received for expenses incurred in disassemble a cardiac cath laboratory donated by The Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara; and to transport it to Lima-Peru.
We received donations from 58 alumni from 156 in our registry; representing 37%.
Average donation was $572.00 with a range from $100.00 to $2,000.00

4.- President Report by Julio Lara-Valle. Our president presented an overview of where we are; some of our accomplishments. Hoping that we can attract more alumni to our roster and increase our exposure by being a charter of the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS). Also hoping to have a Scientific/Social gathering in Lima this year.

5.- Unfinished Business:
a) Functions of the Advisory Board. Dr. Julio Lara-Valle presented the functions of the future Advisory Board to the Board of the Peruvian American Endowment. These functions are attached to our minutes and will need to be added to our by-laws for which we may need to get an attorney to do it.

b) Brief update of “The Francisco Tejada and Semiramis Reategui Prize of Medicine Fund”.
Dr. Tejada is collaborating in providing last year information to our accountant. After that he will close that particular account. He will continue to provide the money for the endeavors he and his family are engaged using other mechanism that are not related to the P.A.E.

c) Brief report on the Cardiac Cath Lab. The equipment is already in Lima Peru to be installed in the “Clinica Cayetano Heredia” adjacent to our main campus.

d) Results of “Questionnaire”. The city for our next Social Scientific gathering, hopefully, for 2003 was selected Lima by a majority vote of 54%. The city of Orlando was a far second place with 11% of the votes.
By 74% of the votes it was approved the association with the P.A.M.S. as a University Chapter.

6.- New Business.
a) Donation from the P.A.E. to U.P.C.H.– It was unanimously approved to send a check for $20,000.00 to our University for the purchase of new academic equipment for the Faculty of Science.

b) Membership. It was approved unanimously to request a membership fee of $20.00 to those alumni who finished undergraduate studies in UPCH withing last 5 years and $100.00 to everybody else.

c) Social/Scientific event for 2003. We are looking for a chairman or chairwoman for this event. Hoping to be able to do it this spring (September) in Lima, Peru.

7.- Announcements.
Dr. Lara-Valle invited every member of our organization to the presentation of his book “Una Generacion para Dos Mundos” to be taken place in Lima on Tuesday March 25th 2003 at the “Honorio Delgado’s House”.

8.- Adjourn. Meeting ended at 09:11p.m.

Submitted by Luis Sirotzky, M.D. Secretary/Treasurer.



Minutes Peruvian American Endowment
Date: October 20, 2002

Julio Lara-Valle, President called the meeting to order at 08:07 pm eastern time.

Members present: Julio Lara-Valle; Luis Sirotzky; Jorge Calderon; Rodolfo Chirinos; Edgar del Castillo; and Luis Espinoza.
Members absent: Nora del Busto; Dina Chung; Luis Campos; Mario Eyzaguirre; Hugo Ledesma; Jose C. Muñiz; Guillermo Phillipps y Miguel Pro.

Reading of previous minutes.
Minutes from the July 14, 2002 was accepted as presented.

Report of Officers

1) Treasurer report.
Cash $201,667.31
Government Securities 25,000.00
Mutual Funds (2) 77,167.07
Certificates of Deposit (2) 160,510.00

TOTAL $ 364,344.38

Donations received for the current year are as follows:

General PAE fund $ 18,150.00
Dr. Porturas fund 1,600.00



January 1st, 2002 to June 30, 2002 $6,587.72 (see minutes of July 2002).
July 1st, 2002 to October 20th, 2002 588.00


2) President report.
Dr. Julio Lara-Valle presented an overview of our endowment. He expressed the need of a social event, preferable in Florida and made some general comments about the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) and the possibility of making our PAE a chapter of that organization while maintaining our total independence. These two topics were part of a general discussion toward the end of the conference. See below.

Unfinished Business

The issue was the formation of an Advisory Board whose members would be all past presidents of the Peruvian American Endowment. It was approved unanimously. The members of this board can have voice in matters of theEndowment but they cannot vote. Dr. Julio Lara-Valle and Dr. Luis Sirotzky will present to the board the specific functions of this advisory board at the next meeting.

New Business
1) Dr. Francisco Tejada parallel account.
Dr. Julio Lara-Valle brought to the board a situation that has existed for years. Eleven years ago it was created the “Francisco Tejada and Semiramis Reategui” Prize of Medicine Fund as an associated entity to the PAE, Inc. Every year Dr. and Mrs. Francisco Tejada donate $20,000.00 to the Price of Medicine Fund. That bank account is not under control of the Peruvian American Endowment treasurer. After the funds enter that particular account, Dr. F. Tejada authorizes the issue of several checks to “Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia’ for the project of Thesis Prices and one check to an insurance company for the payment of the annual premium.
Dr. Julio Lara-Valle spoke with Dr. Francisco Tejada about this issue.
Dr. F. Tejada requested from the PAE Presidency an official letter indicating what Dr. Lara-Valle has explained about the mechanics between PAE that maintains a code 501 (c) (3) with the I.R.S. and “The Francisco Tejada and Semiramis Reategui” Prize of Medicine Fund.
Dr. Lara-Valle requested from the floor a motion to address this matter.
It was agreed that “Any donor organization using the PAE code for philanthropic endeavors has to:
1) Register with PAE the basis of the philanthropic activity indicating the recipient organization, purpose of the activity, and the amount of money involved.
2) Any money donated for the benefit of such philanthropic activity has to enter into the treasury of PAE.
3) PAE shall acknowledge the “donor organization” of such donation for tax purposes.
4) PAE shall disburse the money donated to the “recipient organization” indicating the purpose of the “donor organization”.
5) The “donor organization” has the responsibility to obtain proper documentation from the “recipient organization” explaining the purpose of the activity and the money received. The secretary of the PAE shall receive this documentation in a timely manner.
Dr. Luis Sirotzky presented a motion and second by Dr. Jorge Calderon to send a letter to Dr. Francisco Tejada letting him know about the mechanics of donations by any “donor organization” expressed above.

This motion was approved unanimously.

2. – Dr. Porturas Fund.

A group of alumni of our university headed by Dr. Ricardo Lewitus wish to donate money to our endowment for specific purposes (e.g. scholarships for UPCH good students in poor economic situation). After a short discussion, a motion presented by Dr. Luis Sirotzky and second by Dr. Rodolfo Chirinos stating, “To accept Dr. Ricardo Lewitus proposal of the creation of Dr. Porturas Fund within the structure of our endowment”. Motion was approved unanimously with the need of Dr. Lewitus to send a letter to the PAE explaining the nature of Dr. Porturas Fund and the mechanics for the selection of students.


1. Dr. Alejandro Garcia has received as donation a cardiac catheterization equipment from the Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Salazar from our University has accepted the donation. To finance the cost involved in getting the full set of cardiac catheterization Dr. Garcia is asking our Cardiologists to donate money to our endowment for this purpose. Dr. A. Garcia will be contacting Dr. Lara-Valle to arrange with C.H. Robinson Co. (with headquarters in Illinois) for the transportation of the above-indicated equipment to Peru.
2. Dr. Julio Lara-Valle brought to our attention the possibility of subscribe the PAE into the PAMS as a University Chapter maintaining our independence. The reason for this alliance was to be exposed through channels of PAMS to all graduates in the Directory of PAMS, where there are members of the UPCH that still do not join the PAE. This will be another way to help in the exposure of our projects. Dr. Lara-Valle requested from the floor a motion for this purpose. Dr. R. Chirinos presented the motion second by Dr. Luis Espinoza, to ask members of our directory to vote for this new relationship between those two entities.
3. Dr. Julio Lara-Valle recommended a social event in Florida during 2003. It was suggested that Orlando could be the city for this event. Dr. Lara-Valle was going to contact Dr. Pro and other members for ideas.
4. The next tele-conference will be held on February 16, 2003.

Submitted by Luis Sirotzky Secretary/Treasurer on November 4, 2002

Luis Sirotzky M.D.




Julio 20, 2002

Queridos Hermanos Heredianos

Reciban nuestro más cordial saludo. Comienza nuestra tarea del presente término y queremos sinceramente seguir y si es posible mejorar la ruta de los que nos han antecedido. Nuestro mayor deseo es que todos participemos en los programas que desarrollaremos en favor de nuestra alma mater, y por lo tanto el aporte de sus ideas es fundamental.

Nuestra Asociación desde su fundación el 14 de octubre de 1989 ha reflejado nuestro compromiso como ex-alumnos que recuerdan la casa de estudios que nos forjó y que nos dio el común denominador de Spiritus Ubi Vult Spirat. Hagamos por lo tanto, que ese mismo espíritu perdure a través del tiempo.

Les estamos incluyendo, las minutas de la primera tele conferencia que se realizo el pasado 14 de Julio. En ellas tienen un resumen de la situación económica presente del Endowment y donde se expresa el deseo de ayudar a nuestra universidad. Recordemos, como en nuestros tiempos, podíamos hacer uso de trabajo de laboratorio elemental con nuestros pacientes. Hoy en día esto se ha perdido de acuerdo con la información de nuestro Rector. Esta ayuda a implementar los laboratorios académicos de nuestra alma mater para el trabajo diario de estudiantes y residentes, se ha convertido en nuestro foco principal de ayuda.

Necesitamos la donación de un mínimo de $500.00 por miembro para que esta fundación pueda cumplir con la ayuda de la compra de equipos de laboratorio para uso académico. Se necesitan aproximadamente $154,000.00. Obviamente dependiendo de vuestra cooperación veremos que tanto se contribuye a esta extraordinaria gestión y cuanto de lo que se recibe ayude al crecimiento de nuestro fondo. Como es sabida las donaciones son totalmente deducibles de los impuestos de acuerdo a la ley. Manda tus cheques a: Peruvian American Endowment, Inc. c/o Luis Sirotzky 459 South Country Club Drive Atlantis, FL 33462.

Les hacemos llegar el Directorio de Heredianos que tenemos en la actualidad. Se les ruega avisarle a Luis Sirotzky de errores u omisiones a si mismo envíale direcciones de heredianos que no están incluidos en este directorio.

Hermano Herediano tú tienes la última palabra


Julio Lara-Valle, M.D.  Nora del Busto, M.D.  Luis Sirotzky, M.D.
President  Vice-President  Secretary/Treasurer


Minutes Peruvian American Endowment
Date: July 14, 2002

Julio Lara-Valle,M.D.,  President, called the meeting to order at 08:07 pm eastern time.
A special one minute silence was called by our President for the untimely loss of Dr. Enrique Fernández.
Members present: Julio Lara-Valle; Nora Del Busto; Luis Sirotzky; Dina Chung; Jorge Calderon; Luis Espinoza; Jose Carlos Muniz; and Guillermo Phillips.
Members absent: Luis Campos; Rodolfo Chirinos; Edgar del Castillo; Mario Eyzaguirre; Hugo Ledesma and Miguel Pro.

Reading of previous minutes.
Minutes from the Dec 2, 2001 meeting submitted by Dr. Gertrude Caplivski were read and accepted unanimously.

Report of Officers
1) Treasury report.
Calendar year 2001: Beginning $ 373,093.25
Donations 17,350.00
Expenses < 9,527.00 >
Investment gains/loss <15,145.57>
Ending 365,770.27

January thru June 30th 2002
Beginning 365,770.27
Donations 9,300.00
Annual dinner 3,125.00
Expenses < 6,587.72 >
Investment gains/loss < 11,712.34>
Ending 359,895.21
List of 2002 expenses:
Conference call (dec 2001) $ 121.32
Web page 120.00
IRS 2,092.00
Annual dinner 2,884.21
Corporate fee (Dep. of State) 70.00
Accountant 1,200.00
Office supplies 18.54
ML fees (checks) 81.65
Total $ 6587.72

2) President’s report
Dr. Julio Lara-Valle presented a report from his May 2002 visit to our University. He met with our University’s Rector Dr. Oswaldo Zegarra, the Dean of Medicine, Dr. Luis Caravedo and the Peruvian-American Endowment liaison, Dr. Roger Guerra. The authorities from our University requested to consider help from the Endowment in three areas: Scholarships for needed students with excellent grades; Professors’ salaries; and Equipment for their science laboratories for academic use.
Dr. Lara-Valle had preliminary conversations with Dr. Luis Caravedo to consider a special Assistance Educational Mission, consisting in working along with University Staff in all services of the Hospital Cayetano Heredia during the month of September 2003 (Cayetano Heredia week’s celebration). CME credits could be requested from the University of Illinois.

Unfinished Business
1) Advisory Board. Ex-presidents of the PAE will become members of this board. Functions of the Advisory Board to be reviewed and approved during our October meeting.
2) Request for Scholarships for Students (Request by Dr. Caravedo, Dean of Medicine).The current economical situation of the PAE (drop of donations in the past several years) makes it extremely difficult to help at this time with this request. This issue can be looked again in future meetings.

New Business
1) Funds Investments: We are in need of having members of the directory to have active participation in decisions regarding investing the PAE funds. Under unanimous decision were elected Dr. Jose Carlos Muniz, Dr. Jorge Calderon and Dr. Luis Sirotzky to be part of this Investing Committee. Any decisions will be cleared by our President.
2) “2002 Donation Campaign”: At the request of Dr. Jose Carlos Muniz and seconded by Dr. Nora Del Busto we are going to start a donation campaign immediately using the 120 members already in the directory plus new names added with the help of the directors and officers of the PAE. We are going to request that each member of the Peruvian American Endowment contribute at least $500.00 for this year. The monies received will be used: a) To provide funds to Cayetano Heredia to help with the purchase of laboratory equipment for academic use in Biology and Physiology; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology; Genetics; Microbiology and Immunology (Total cost $155,000.00). Such equipment could be purchased in Peru or USA depending on best prices; b) To provide funds for the Endowment. This motion was approved unanimously.


Dr Lara-Valle is planning a trip to Peru in early August.
Our board will meet again on October 20th, 2002.

Meeting was adjourned at 09:21pm eastern time.

Submitted by


Luis Sirotzky
Secretary/Treasurer on July 19, 2002



A título personal les agradezco por la participación en la primera reunión de esta nueva Directiva.

Participaron: Julio Lara-Valle, Nora Del Busto, Luis Sirotzky, Dina Chung, Jorge Calderón, Luis Espinoza, José Carlos Muniz y Guillermo Phillips.

Los ” Highlights” de esta reunión fueron:

1)   Incrementar los fondos del PAE con una fuerte campaña tratando de lograr un mínimo de $500.00 por miembro.

2)   Incrementar la membresía. Tenemos 120 miembros; necesitamos la colaboración de todos para que este número aumente.

3)   Los fondos que se reciban este año se utilizarán:
a) Ayudar en parte a la Universidad con su programa de reemplazo de los equipos de laboratorio de Biología, Bioquímica y Microbiología. ($ 154,000.00)
b) Incrementar el capital del fondo del PAE que está en $359,859.00

4)   Se formó un Comité de Inversiones integrado por José Carlos Muniz, Jorge Calderón y Luis Sirotzky.

Las minutas completas serán presentadas en un plazo no mayor a 2 semanas.

Les adjunto los nombres por promociones de los 120 miembros que tengo direcciones correctas y son los que han aportado de una forma u otra al Endowment. Les agradezco ayudarme a incrementar este número pronto.

Un abrazo.

Lucho Sirotzky


Instalation of new Board of Officers and Directors

Saturday, the 20th of April, 2002

New Board Members:

President:                    Julio Lara Valle, M.D.
Vice President:            Nora Del Busto, M.D.
Secretary Treasurer:   Luis Sirotzky, M.D.



Luis Campos, M.D. Rodolfo Chirinos, M.D. Miguel Pro, M.D.
Jorge Calderón, M.D. Luis Espinoza, M.D. Jorge Delgado, M.D.
Mario Eyzaguirre, M.D. José Carlos Muniz, M.D. Hugo Ledesma, M.D.
Guillermo Phillips, M.D. Edgar Del Castillo, M.D.



Past Presidents:

Augusto López Torres, M.D.

Fernando Díaz Calderón, M.D.

Dina R. Chung, M.D.




November 2001

Dear Members and Friends:

The present Board of Directors presided by Dr. Dina Chung took office in October 1997. The PAE Fund at that time had $ 264,093.00 in an account with Merrill Lynch.

We wish to thank your multiple contributions, which together with the dividends and interests have made our fund grow. We have been fortunate that despite the strong fall of the Financial Markets in 2001 our fund has only suffered minimally.

December 1997:

US $


December 1998:


December 1999:


December 2000:


September 26, 2001:


The PAE has also given to the UPCH, from directed donations and activities a total of $ 73,308.32.

We have been discussing several alternatives to protect the principal while at the same time obtain better returns with Mr. Louis Strohmeier, from EQ Financial Consultants, His advised strategy is still to be applied fully.

As you can see, we are still distant from our initial goal of $500,000. This year more than ever we are all going through difficult times.

We are again asking for your generous contribution, if your financial situation allows it, please make it.

Finally, we would like to communicate that in the coming year we have to elect our new Officers and Directors. If you are interested please submit to Dr. Chung your candidacy or suggested candidates before December 15th, 2001.

We are planning elections for January 2002.


Dina R. Chung, M.D.  Felix A. Estrada, M.D.  Gertrude Caplivski, M.D.
President  Vice-President  Secretary/Treasurer